Wetland Ecology at Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology – Day 2

The PLE wetland ecology and management class at Morgan Swamp Preserve with Karen Adair.

Full “Immersion” in Wetlands.  Day two of wetland ecology at Pymatuning was fantastic (at least for me!).  After everyone’s brains were awash with wetland hydrology (including mine), the class went to visit Morgan Swamp Preserve in nearby Ashtabula County in Ohio.  Karen Adair of the Nature Conservancy led us on a wonderfully wet tour of the preserve, where we observed a range wetland types including emergent marsh, swamp forest, and vernal pools.  We also had some great discussion on historical wetland drainage in Ohio, the ecological significance of vernal pools, the effects of invasive species, and the sorts of things that students interested in field-oriented environmental careers should consider.  I told the students that they could forgo the waders on this trip (grin), and of course this just added to the fun.

Tomorrow we start collecting data!  Videos and pictures below.



PLE Day 2, a set on Flickr.


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