Wetland ecology at Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology – Last Day

Final exam and canoe trip down French Creek.  The weather was incredible for all three weeks of the course.  The only rain occurred while we were in the classroom…until today.  Sadly, the canoe trip had to be cancelled.  Of course, this being a wetlands course, a little rain would not have stopped the students from enjoying the river and learning a bit about riparian conservation. However, the threat of thunderstorms required that we call off the trip.

Teaching this course was a blast; in fact I consider it one of the highlights of my teaching career.  The class was filled with a really great group of students, and I enjoyed getting to know them all.  They are now truly “wetlanders,” and I wish them all the best of luck in whatever life has in store for them next.

We learned a lot…but we also had a lot fun, as indicated by the pictures below.


Course website: https://sites.google.com/site/wetlandecologymanagement/syllabus

Many of these were taken by the students….

Go Kellie!

“I can confirm…..this is in fact a plant” – Aaron

What’s for dinner?

“Yay! We really are going to leave this beach now and go to the swamp!” – Jessica

“Is there anything that you are not allergic to?” -Ray

“If you return from the wetland with most of the students, that is probably as good as you can hope for. However, if you return from the wetland without the TA……no, this is not good….. Whose turn was it to watch him anyway?” – Bob

I really do look a little like a pirate.

Done dinner already?

What are you guys always laughing at?

Rick had never played horseshoes before.


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