One bug, two bugs, three bugs, four… (PLE day 9)


Tallying wetland bugs!

After discussing the ecology of freshwater marshes, swamps, and riparian wetlands, the Pymatuning wetlanders spent much of the day analyzing the macroinvertebrate samples that we collected over the past few days. We found quite a few taxa in the samples, and had fun identifying and tallying them. The students were excited to develop a “must-know” invertebrate list to go along with our “must-know” plant list. 🙂

How many of these guys do you know?

How many of these guys do you know?

There were big differences in the species composition of the four wetlands that we sampled, and the students will be examining and developing hypotheses to explain these differences over the next few days.  Most of the taxa we found are shown below (mouseover for names), with a nickel for scale.



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  1. Great blog you have here Bob, I need to do something along these lines for my PLE course. Thanks for the example, -Andy

  2. Thanks Andy! I have heard great things about your PLE course.

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