Wetland Ecology Summer Course! Other field courses at PLE!

A 2-minute video advertising a course in wetland ecology offered this June!  

Information about the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology for Lehigh University students

The wetland ecology course, featured in the video above, and the other courses offered at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology (PLE) represent a fantastic opportunity to gain knowledge in field ecology this summer.  These courses are fun, full-immersion experiences that cover a diverse array of ecological topics. Each course lasts for three weeks, is worth three credits, and covers the material in a semester-long course. All of them are field-based and satisfy the BS field requirement for Lehigh University EES students. The courses are distributed across four, 3-week sessions, and although you can take multiple courses during the summer, you can only take one course per session (each course meets all day). Courses offered this summer include:

Conservation Biology (12 May – 30 May)
Forest Ecology (12 May – 30 May)
Ecology of Fungi (12 May – 30 May)
Field Botany (2 Jun – 20 Jun)
Wetland Ecology (2 Jun – 20Jun)
Ecology of Birds (2 Jun – 20 Jun)
Ecology of Amphibians and Reptiles (2 Jun – 20 Jun)
Disease Ecology (23 Jun – 11 Jul)
Ecology of Fish (23 Jun – 11 Jul)
Field Techniques in Ecology and Conservation (14 Jul – 1 Aug)
Wildlife Management (14 Jul – 1 Aug)

For additional information on these courses see: http://www.biology.pitt.edu/facilities/pymatuning/courses/course-schedule

I teach the wetland ecology course and if you are interested in taking this class or one of the courses offered during the same session (2 Jun – 20 Jun), transportation to and from the field station will be provided from Lehigh University. To see more details about  the wetland ecology course go here: https://sites.google.com/site/wetlandecologymanagement/syllabus To see more of the kind of FUN we have in this course go here: https://amongthestatelytrees.wordpress.com/category/wetland-ecology-management-ple/

For a Lehigh University student to take one of these classes, you will need to register for EES 395: Field courses at Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. The sections of the course will correspond to the list of classes above, so that you can sign up for the particular course of interest to you. Go here to sign up: https://cf.lehigh.edu/summer/?page=summer&year=2014. Email me (rkb205@lehigh.edu) if you have questions.


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