A line in the muck…wetland delineation (PLE day 11)

Describing soils in the field. Is it hydric?

Describing soils in the field. Is it hydric?

The Pymatuning wetlanders began the last week of class this morning by thinking about peatland paleoenvironmental archives.  We covered the the range of things that get preserved in these environments, ranging from pollen to bog bodies, and looked at the ways that paleoenvironmental records are developed.  This was in preparation for our discussion of wetland development and our trip to Titus Bog tomorrow.

Yay plants!

Yay plants!

We then shifted gears and discussed wetland delineation procedures, including some of the indicators of wetland hydrology, the features of wetland soils, and the methods used to determine the presence of hydrophytic vegetation.  After a bit of “plant math,” Brian Pilarcik of the Crawford County Conservation District visited the class to lead them through an exercise in wetland delineation, and discuss some of the common techniques and general procedures. The students ended the day by working a bit on their wetland plant collections.


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