Buggin’ (Pymatuning Wetlands 2015, Day 9)

Sampling macroinvertebrates in Minnow Pond.

Sampling macroinvertebrates in Minnow Pond.

The Pymatuning wetlanders discussed salt marshes this morning, with a focus on plant adaptations to salinity, causes of plant community zonation, food-web structure, energy flow, and sulfur biogeochemistry. And of course, some discussion of when herbivory goes awry, with guest appearances by lesser snow geese, Littoraria snails, and nutria.

We then sampled macroinvertebrate communities at two more wetlands. We almost got the van stuck in the mud, but with 7 wetlanders pushing the van we made it. After sampling we had lunch and looked over the ice cream selection at the local ice cream place in Linesville.  It seemed like a good day for ice cream to me, but the students decided that they would rather spend the time identifying macroinvertebrates in the lab.   The entire afternoon was devoted to macroinvertebrate data collection.


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