About This Blog

“They walk among the stately trees.  They know the secrets of the breeze.” – Bob Dylan

This blog is an exploration of conservation biology, ecology, natural history, and environmental science.  The goals are primarily three-fold:

1) To serve as a teaching tool, particularly to augment courses in Biodiversity & Conservation (EES-28)Ecology (EES-152), and Wetland Ecology (EES-386 & EES-395). Content related to these courses is tagged with course number, and can be found in the “Categories” drop down menu to the right.

2) To discuss emerging scientific research and teaching experiences in a manner accessible to interested non-specialists.  This includes occasional posts related to my research, or the research of my students, and descriptions of educational activities in the classroom, laboratory, and field.

3) To encourage and share a passion for ecology and natural history with anyone willing to listen! Related to this objective, I occasionally share thoughts and stories that are more personal – typically these are focused on things that I do in my spare time to more deeply connect with nature and the outdoors.

Occasional guest posts by students do not necessarily reflect my own opinions.

Blog author: Bob Booth

  1. This is so wonderful! Our son is enrolled in this class and it fascinating to see what he is actually doing! Thank you for such a detailed summary of the day to day activities!

  2. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the summaries of the PLE wetland ecology course (https://amongthestatelytrees.wordpress.com/category/wetland-ecology-management-ple/)! It is a fun class to teach and a really great group of students.

  3. Excellent blog….I’ve added it to the blogroll on my own blog on the biodiversity crisis, “Into the Eremozoic”. Keep up the good work!

  4. This is really interesting to me. I received my PhD in biology from Lehigh in 1971. Dr. Trembley was on of my favorite professors. I’m glad to see his tangled bank is still there and helping people learn.

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