Student Posts

The natural beauty of Oregon. Manzanita from the viewpoint of Neahkahnie Mountain (Photo: JHK). Conservation issues in Oregon. Thoughts on some recent conservation issues/programs in western Oregon. (JHK, EES-28, Spring 2014)
Divest Divestment from fossil fuels. The fossil-fuel divestment campaign at Lehigh University and elseswhere. (RTS, EES-28, Spring 2014)
Cloud forest in Monteverede. (Photo: LMW) Monteverde memories. Thoughts on Costa Rica, biodiversity, and extinction. (LMW, EES-28, Spring 2013)
Thoughts on “Song of the Dodo.” Final student thoughts on “Song of the Dodo” by David Quammen (KAG, JRG, MRG, KEM, ALK, AMK, LGD, EES-28, Spring 2012)

Wandering the towpath. Thoughts and observations made on the towpath along the Lehigh River and canal (AMK, ALK, KRP, EES-28, Spring 2012)
An earthworm on my driveway.  Thoughts on habitat degradation and invasive earthworms. (KAG, EES-28, Spring 2012)
Appealing to the humanistic human.  Thoughts on the value of biodiversity and human-centered conservation approaches. (JRG, EES-28, Spring 2012)
Bethlehem Backyards for Wildlife.  Description of the organization and how to get areas certified as good wildlife habitat. (ALK, EES-28, Spring 2012)

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